Ep 27. Media, Design and Construction with Dani Wales

On this episode of Step Up Your Home we speak with Dani Reilly, ex-contestant on well renowned Australian TV show The Block. Dani and her husband Dan own and direct their end to end design and construction company Manna Made, Dani also co hosts a home and lifestyle series on Channel Ten called Healthy Homes Australia, and while building dream homes for all their clients they are also in the tail end of their own major home build. On this episode we talk about Dani Wales pre the block, the journey to where Dani is today, her goals and dreams and so much more… 


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On todays episode we talk about:

- Dani Wales before the block (2:27)

- The journey to where Dani and Dan are today (3:14)

- Future goals and dreams

- So much more

Find out more: