Block Printed Goods 

It is the way you care for a garment, that will ultimately sustain its longevity. Please be mindful that your hand-crafted piece may fade and change colour over time. Not only is this normal, it is beautiful. 

Your garment is 100% hand made in India, using chemical -free processing and the purest of cotton and linen. We recommend caring for your piece in a similar fashion. Wash with a natural soap or mild detergent, avoid bleach and fabric softener. Hand wash separately in cold water, or on a gentle cycle (machine wash).

Imperfections and variations are normal, and smudges along with colour disparities are intrinsic to these hand made products. 

We ask that you love wearing, basking in and being surrounded by your AHW piece. Our greatest wish is that it inspires you to change the way you live in your home.

Clay ware

Our Handmade Clay ware is dishwasher, microwave and oven friendly. Handle your precious clay treasure with care, as it is 100% hand-crafted. Our babies are not easily replaced as we price ourselves on limited runs of each item to ensure exclusivity and the priceless feeling of one-of-a-kind. Tone, colour and shape may alter between stock and production batches.

Slight wear and tear is to be expected over time, this is the charm of choosing handmade over mass-produced. 

We ask that you all for gradual temperature change to be mindful that clay ware may crack or break if transferred between extreme temperatures. Finally, this is a handmade item, meaning no two items are the same. 

Embrace it. Savour it. Honour it. Respect it. Love it like you already do.