Ep 12. Living Clean Through Toxic Free Household Products with Jessica Bragdon

On this episode of Step Up Your Home we are speaking with mum of two, Australian based entrepreneur and co-founder of Koala Eco Jessica Bragdon. Jessica’s frustrations about the lack of availability of quality natural cleaning products then led her and her husband to start Koala Eco. With the passion of protecting her children from toxic cleaners behind her, Jess and her husband Paul set out to create an affordable, plant based, non toxic, planet friendly range of cleaning products for the home. The Koala Eco range uses an abundance of 100% pure native Australian essential oils, and other natural locally sourced ingredients to safely and effectively do what it says on the bottle.


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On todays episode we talk about:

The great misconception in the natural cleaning industry (2:39)

Why we should all be considering making the switch to toxic free cleaning products (7:03)

How you can bring beauty in your day to day practice (18:00)

Jess’s fav product in her range (20:33)

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