Ep 14. Weeds to Seeds with Kelly Thompson

On this episode of Step Up Your Home I have Kelly Thompson here to chat about how we can all create our own organic home grown gardens. Kelly is an incredible Melbourne based illustrator with a keen interest in living a sustainable lifestyle. She has transformed the backyard of her rental home from a giant patch of unsightly grass to a humble organic garden with only a few easy steps. She has inspired many to create their own backyard gardens and when she can't grow what she needs, she simply makes a visit to her local farmers market. Kelly is constantly striving to do better to lessen her impact on our environment and is an advocate for vintage wares. She is also a part of the Curated Spaces team. If you haven't heard of curated spaces, it is an Australian based team of curators who source vintage items from around the world to bring good design to Australian homes. She also runs Makers Market, which is where she has created an online store for local makers, freelancers and craftspeople who share the same passion for high quality and sustainably produced items that are made with care. But as I said, today we are going to be chatting with Kelly about how you can grow your own food.


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On todays episode we talk about:

- Why we should choose organic or home grown (3:38)

- The greatest misconception in the home grown food industry (5:45)

- Some of the easiest greens to start with as a beginner (8:00)

- How you can grow your own garden, even as a renter (10:13)

- The danger of standard pesticides (12:01)

- Why worms are so important (21:53)

- So much more 

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