Ep 21. Kitchen And The Home with Melissa Port

On today’s episode of Step Up Your Home we are speaking with none other than one of my good friends Melissa Port. Melissa has over 20 year’s experience in the food and tourism industry and has worked with alongside some highly influential people such as President Bill Clinton, Bob Hawke and John Symonds. In the past she has worked in roles that include lecturer, CEO, Program director and Event manager. Her work as a freelance food stylist and recipe developer has seen her service company’s such as Australian Gourmet Magazine, and Edgell Birds Eye. Melissa now runs private bespoke food tours Australia wide through her company Mia Cucina. Mia Cucina provides unique experiential dining tours that support a diverse range of cultures and communities. Melissa’s food tours are ranked in the Top 6 Food tours in Sydney. As a woman and a mum to 4 beautiful children Melissa believes ‘you have to be open to new ideas and explore new boundaries’ which is why she has led such a diverse career thus far.


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In this episode we discuss:

- Teaching your kids about culture, other religions and faiths (13:24)

- Giving kids responsibility in the home (19:45)

- Organisation in the kitchen (28:20)

-The importance of not wasting food (31:40)

- So much more 

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