Is your home impacting your health?

My curiosity in understanding how our health and our homes were intrinsically linked begun when my husband and I lived in what I now look back on as an extremely unhealthy interior space. We were renting an apartment which was overshadowed by large buildings, and had rising damp, which meant it was always cold, the space had so much moisture in the air the walls would sweat, our clothes started having mould spores all over them and we were often sick. Not only did we feel the physical effects but also the emotional outcomes by living in this interior. It got to a point where I used to sit in my car until the sun set as I didn’t actually want to go into the apartment during the day. 

We left this rental and for a few weeks whilst finalising our home renovation, moved into a friend's home – which was sun filled, warm, smelt lovely and just a beautiful home – within days we both noticed a huge shift in events that were occurring in both my husbands and my life. Opportunities flew at us and our entire days and weeks were positive in ways that hadn’t appeared/happened for months on end. I became deeply intrigued into what this major shift came down to.... and so the study of our immediate surroundings being directly linked to our emotional status and wellbeing began! 

Most of us underestimate how intrinsically connected our wellbeing is to the state of our home. 

Our homes are reflections of who we are at a certain time in our lives. They are extensions of our journeys and allow us to explore our creativity as humans. They are spaces that take us off the streetscape and into our own escape.

How do you dwell everyday? 

The truth is that making the decision to surround yourself with specific items and in a specific atmosphere will ultimately echo throughout your reality and life. 

Creating an emotionally healthy home to creating an emotionally healthy you, is one of our principles at AHW and the first thing we are thinking when designing each and every one our pieces. From the materials used, the shapes chosen, the hands that shape the piece, to the way it is delivered, it all has an impact on the final piece. The energy that was transformed and contained in those pieces will be expelled as it arrives at your home.

Below are our top 3 most important "wellness" elements to focus on in your home.

  1. Consideration of our five senses

When we enter a space we are confronted by an array of sensory elements that ultimately shape our comfort levels. We are met with a feeling and a response to the visual that surrounds us. What we see in terms of colour, lighting, geometric shapes and contrast all come together to create a celebration which either connects us to the space or doesn’t. Humans are visual beings, we are often struck by what we see with our eyes first however it takes the consideration of all of our five senses to truly feel a humbling comfort in an interior. These elements blend to create an atmosphere that can brighten our spirits through stimulation, comfort and interest. 

  1. Removing visual noise

We are now living in a world where the majority of the population coexist with many items that they don’t need. We consume and find enjoyment in our consumption and therefore are creating dwellings full of ‘stuff’. If we make a conscious choice to remove objects within our home and only exist with what we need and actually use, we are deciding to create an environment for our families with fewer choices, less to clean and far less to think about when it comes to organisation! 

This directly flows into our reality as we choose to free our minds and our lives of visual noise and strain, leading to greater positivity, clarity, productivity and connectivity with others, nature and even ourselves! 


  1. Natural Light being (in my opinion) everything

Being Winter, and finding ourselves spending ample time indoors, it’s incredibly important that we create a healthy home sanctuary for the hibernating months that really will allow for a healthy mindset. We as humans are hugely affected by nature and our glorious earth, so beyond aesthetics there are certain elements that are staples and need to be considered in any space. One of the most important ones is natural light and its effects on our bodies and minds.

Lighting is incredibly important to the energy and enjoyment of a space. For me, a sun filled area is imperative in creating a comfortable environment to look at AND to be within.


The benefits of optimising your home for good health and general wellbeing are endless! 

 Start by making simple changes, one room at the time.

1. Entryway - Your front door is an incredibly prominent feature of your home. Ensuring that this entry way is uninterrupted and opening freely has a profound effect on the energy that flows through your home via the front. 

2. Powder room - Have your favourite loungewear piece ready and a candle or essential oils to invigorate the senses.

3. Dining room - tidy tidy. Have the table set with a beautiful tablecloth to bring light to the space, a candle flickering and of course flowers or a bunch of eucalyptus in your favourite vase. Something I do all the time! 

4. Get the room cosy - Set your room to be an oasis of peace. Pull out your favourite bedspread, dim lighting and soft music humming in the background.

When we encounter subconscious stress and frustration on a daily basis we are sacrificing a healthy mind. Let’s understand this a little deeper. We all know that a positive home leads to a positive energy in our lives, and being happy within our home causes a sense of pride that we don’t feel when we are not happy within our dwellings. This mixed energy will translate through to an array of areas within our life. It will affect how we eat, how we treat our work and therefore our enjoyment during the day at the office, how we interact with our friends, colleagues and family, and as a result, it will affect the strength of our friendships and relationships. As we continue to live in a dissatisfied and mediocre existence our emotions can actually be changing on a cellular level and the way we function!

Are you ready to dive deeper into the fears and blockers that stop you from moving forward in your life? It’s time to commit to the intention that you want a higher state of living for yourself. Only when you do this will you see change happen.” 

Remember, A healthy home, A healthy you.

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