3 ways to style your XL Scalloped Clay Vase

Humans are visual beings, what we see in terms of colour, lighting, geometric shapes and contrast all come together to create a celebration which either connects us to the space or doesn’t. 
It’s time to commit to the intention that you want a higher state of living for yourself.
The truth is that making the decision to surround yourself with specific items and in a specific atmosphere will ultimately echo throughout your reality and your life.

Surround yourself with beauty in common areas where you spend a lot of time. This vase blends in with soft colours and brings elegance to the space. Style it with your favourite flowers to create a garden oasis in your room!
“Harness nature as much as the precious things you surround yourself with to create a picture for the senses.”


Equilibrium is something we cannot escape; we all subconsciously need to create a balance in our lives for the engines to run.
Placing this all-natural hand made piece in your master bath gives the space a calming purity while the sculptural character helps to create dimension to your space, added flowers are optional! 

Nothing says “welcome to our home” like a bouquet of flowers in a stunning vase.
Our XL Scalloped Vase is a statement piece, with a unique design. It is thrown by hand in Melbourne and the sheer scale and detail of the design is sure to make a statement, even on its own.
The pieces we choose for our homes speak of us, invest in one-of-a-kind items that will become an heirloom and a conversational piece that your guests will quiz you about.




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