Ep 18. Living with Toxic Free Walls with Bronwyn Riedel

On this episode of Step Up Your Home, Georgia speaks with Bronwyn Riedel, Co-founder of Bauwerk Colour. Bauwerk is an Australian born and bred lime paint supplier whose vision is underpinned by the idea that the spaces where we work and live should consider the materials in which they are constructed. Bronwyn has an innate ability to see colour in a different way than most of us. She uses her skills to help her clients create incredible emotive spaces. Bauwerk is now sold internationally and is a fitting solution for both modern and traditional spaces. Perhaps most importantly, Bronwyn has created her business on the foundations that her products should not cause harm to the natural environment or the end user and their health. The result is a stunning product that is low VOC and safe to use around family, pets and coworkers due to its natural mineral and pigment formulation. 


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In this episode we discuss:

- How lime wash paint is made (4:25)

- The difference between Bauwerk lime wash and regular paint (7:06)

- Why its so healthy, not only for commercial buildings but also for your home (10:30)

- How to choose the best colour for your project (13:54)

- How Bauwerk lime wash works on exteriors (20:05)

- How to avoid common mistakes with limewashing (25:00)

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