Ep 07. The Importance Of Lighting In Your Home with Danielle Mastro

In this episode of Step Up Your Home Georgia chats with lighting designer Danielle Mastro, one of the three co-founders of Melbourne based lighting retailer and consultancy LightsLightsLights. Danielle and her team have over 40 years of experience in the industry. They provide lighting consultations all around Australia in both the domestic and commercial market and have even been featured on The Block. Danielle initially studied a Bachelor of Arts before completing a postgraduate degree in organisational psychology. From here she worked in fashion management for 5 years, a skill that she didn't know would propel her to the pinnacle of her career. Shortly after entering the lighting industry Danielle knew she had found her passion and LightsLightsLights was born. Danielle uses this passion to help clients all over Australia find the absolute best solutions for their lighting requirements. She has played a part in many award winning projects and she now has an Illuminating Engineering Society Technician qualification. Danielle uses her technical skills to back up her human-centred approach. 


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In this episode we discuss:

 - The most important things to consider when it comes to lighting your home (5:00)

- How lighting can completely transform a space (7:48)

- Simple and effective ways to lift your lighting game (13:00)

- What about your exterior lighting? (33:57)

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