Ep 08. Sun Protection for Conscious Families with Sacha Guggenheimer

In Australia we have long been warned about the importance of sun safety, but what do we actually know about the chemicals we smear all over our bodies and in turn, allow to trickle into our waterways? I sat down with Sacha Guggenheimer, one of the founders of SunButter Skincare to chat about this topic which she is so passionate about to bring you all the information you need to know now.

Learn all about what sunscreen can do to our health and the health of our reefs in this episode of Step Up Your Home.


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In this episode we discuss:

- The biggest misconception in the sunscreen industry (3:22)

- What chemicals can be found in traditional sunscreens and the harm they do to our bodies? (7:35)

- How these chemicals are affecting our oceans (21:40) 

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