Ep 23. Empowering Women to Build with Build Her Collective

On this episode of Step Up Your Home we have the Director of BuildHer collective, an Australian based company committed to empowering women with the right tools, advice and support to build their dream home. Rebekah Morgan founded Buildher Collective alongside her business partner just 4 years ago and has since helped thousands of women gain their confidence in building their own homes through their online course and newly released book, BuildHer. Rebekah is a registered builder with 14 years of experience. She tutors at Swinburne University, where she herself studied a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In addition to that, Rebekah Directs Beirin Projects, who redevelop existing residential properties in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote and its surrounds.


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On todays episode we talk about:

- Relationships on site (6:48)

- The importance of knowing exactly what you want before you starting to build and managing expectations (10:18)

- How to choose and search for a builder (20:17)

- Using your passions to design your life (36:20)

- So much more

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