Ep 24. Sustaining Age Old Crafts with Steff Ball

On this episode of Step Up Your Home Georgia is interviewing one of her dear friends, local Melbourne Mum of two and founder of the ever-growing online platform Engold, Steffanie Ball. Steff has been in the creative industry for 14 years. She had studied an undergrad in Interior Design at RMIT and what started as an internship position at Georgia's Interior Architecture practice then blossomed into a long term and very good friendship. Since then Steff has launched her very own platform, Engold alongside her husband Matt Ball. Through Engold Steff aims to adorn homes with timeless pieces that will be cherished for life and provide a space for other creators to do so as well.


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On todays episode we talk about:

- Steff’s story and how she get to the place she is at now (4:23)

- Her connection with the Phillipines (13:31)

- The most rewarding thing about Engold and her business (20:03)

- A day in the life of Steff (32:05)

- So much more

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