Ep 16. Home, Health and Mental Wellness with Jess Sepel

On todays episode of Step Up Your Home, I sit with Clinical Nutritionist, Founder of the JS Health brand and best selling author Jessica Sepel. Jess is a childhood friend of mine and I have watched her incredible journey over the past decade. She has always had an authentic and honest voice, making her an individual that many feel connected to. Jess believes a healthy lifestyle should be ‘gentle, balanced and enjoyable’ and encourages us to face our food driven demons. Having had personal dealings with food, weight and body image issues from a young age, Jess is here to show us how we can leave those burdens behind us and get back on track to a healthy, self-loving, balanced lifestyle.

On this episode we talk about the greatest misconception when it comes to Diets, toxic food patterns in the home and ways to avoid them, Jess’ night time rules, which I think we could all learn from, What the home is to jess, and SO much more – this one is juicy guys.  



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On todays episode we talk about:

- The greatest misconception when it comes to diets (2:58)

- Jess’s perspective on home and health (17:45)

- Toxic food patterns in the home and ways to avoid them (29:13)

- Jess's night time rules (38:09)

- So much more 

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