Ep 03. Living Clean with Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

On this episode of #StepUpYourHome Georgia meets with the beautiful Lauren Scruggs Kennedy. Lauren and Georgia met over a year ago, on Instagram. Lauren reached out to Georgia wanting to use TilesofEzra in her home. Since then, Georgia has been following Lauren closely and is always overwhelmed by her authenticity, genuinity, positivity and just down right kindness. Lauren overcame her own trauma, and has become a well-known advocate for wellbeing. She is the founder of The LSK Foundation which helps provide women around the world with cosmetic coverings for prosthetic limbs. Lauren launched her chemical free dry shampoo brand The Stranded Shop three years ago, and is currently embarking on creating non-toxic surface wipes. Through her own passion and extensive research, Lauren shows us how to lead a truly conscious lifestyle with wellbeing at the forefront. Lauren has written several books, most recently The Clean Sweep which is a three month program (relaunching on the 9th of December) that leads you on a journey to discover the beauty of clean living, as she is a passionate advocate for a toxic free home.


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In this episode we discuss:

- Lauren's journey in overcoming her own hardships (11:05)

- The key to staying balanced in life (16:43)

- What Laurens day to day looks like (20:42)

- The Clean Sweep (24:25)

- Encouraging your loved ones to go toxic free (32:20)

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