Ep 02. The Grateful Home with Justine Flynn

On today’s episode of Step Up Your Home we are speaking to Justine Flynn who is one of the Founders of the Thankyou brand. In 2008 Justine, together with Jarrod and her now husband, Daniel, had an idea. Selling water to help end the world water crisis. Three individuals had a vision to empower the everyday Australian to change the world by funding clean water projects in third world countries, through the simple process of purchasing a bottle of water. The team worked tirelessly, pushed boundaries and harnessed the power of social media in a way that landed their products in stores across Australia, thanks to the voices of their followers pledging to buy Thankyou products if they were stocked. Since then, Thankyou has grown into one of Australia’s largest social enterprises that has raised millions of dollars, is stocked in hundreds of stores across Australia and NZ and is seen in most family homes. They now have a range of 55 products which allows each and every one of us to make a major change through a simple choice in our local supermarket.


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In this episode we discuss:

- Persistence and fear (9:45)

- Why we should all be choosing Thankyou (13:45)

-Why is Thankyou ‘good for you, good for humanity’ (22:06)

- Practising gratitude in the home (24:40)

- What home is to Justine (32:15)

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