Episode 01. The Real Home with Lucy Feagins

On this episode of Step Up Your Home, I sit down with Lucy Feagins, the founder of Melbourne based design blog, The Design Files. The Design Files is Australia’s most popular one stop shop for all things Australian design. Lucy and her team cover everything from Architecture, Interior Design, gardens, art, crafts, furniture, textiles, homewares, food and everything else design related. Lucy studied Creative Arts at the University of Melbourne before becoming a set designer, and working as a stylist. She has featured in The Age, The Saturday Paper, and Inside Out, just to name a few. Since starting in 2008 TDF has grown to a team of 8 staff and hosts several events throughout the year including TDF Talks, pop ups, exhibitions and even their own awards ceremony in collaboration with Laminex.  


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In this episode we discuss:

- Real homes (5:37)

- Designing freely for yourself (7:57)

- My obsession with gumtree (17:58)

- Bespoke interiors (19:35)

- The shift in the way we look at our home (28:55)

- The way Lucy looks at her home (32:57)

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