Ep 10. The Plastic Free Home with Melanie Scott

Welcome back to Step Up Your Home. On this episode Georgia was lucky enough to have the company of the Director of Agreena, Melanie Scott. Melanie created an incredible reusable product that will replace your cling wrap, baking paper and foil all in one fell swoop. With the knowledge that Australia’s recycling program is in no way shape or form adequate she has also worked insanely hard to ensure that her product has an end of life cycle. After years of prototyping and testing to ensure that her product is safe and actually exceeds FDA standards she finally found a solution to so many problems. After only a few short years Agreena now has over 200 retailers in Australia and have just launched in the UK and EU. Mel is also looking forward to collaborating with some of the country's most well known chefs and introducing Agreena wraps to commercial kitchens.


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On this episode:

-The biggest misconception in the 'Green' industry (4:47)

- What is plastic wrap and plastics doing to your family? (13:19)

- Silicon vs Plastic (21:19)

- How YOU can start making minor changes in your every day life (26:35)

What every household needs right NOW (31:20)

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