Ep 25. The Desired Home with Georgia Ezra

On this episode Georgia talks about the desired home and how taking a good hard look at what you have will really change the way you look at your space. In this episode we work through simple steps to find solutions to the things that really bother you and how to appreciate the things that you do love. We cover moving your way through your house to shrink the things that cause visual noise and how that will ultimately turn your current space into an abode that you enjoy waking up in and love to come home to at night.


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On todays episode we talk about:

 - The importance of finding out what bothers you about your home (3:53)

- What is visual noise? (6:55)

- A moment of gratitude (7:38)

- Removing the excuses (11:38)

- The rental trap (17:47)

- So much more

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